Pipes, like clouds, unrepeatable and light in weight.



The pipes are classified by the number of clouds assigned, from 1 to 8 ( plus S). The number can be seen above the cloud stamped on the bottom of the shank.

Smooth Pipes

3 Clouds (and upwards): the pipes are all of a smooth natural finish, and classification depends on the quality of the grain;
4 Clouds: shows an already beautiful, quasi-grained briar;
5 Clouds: a straight-grained pipe;
6 Clouds and 7 Clouds: an even finer grain;
8 Clouds: the grain is so (wonderfully) fine that it is called "angel hair";

The selection and grading process of smoking pipes is so scrupulous that in 12 years of pipe making, only 2 pipes have earned the grade "8" and 7 pipes the grade "7".

Sandblast Pipes

In January 2008 we introduced Blasts,they are classified with an S above the cloud. Subgroups are grades S1, S2, S3, depending on color and beauty of the wood after the blast.

Rusticated Pipes

Pipes can have 1 or 2 Clouds
1 Clouds: a rusticated pipe
2 Clouds:pipes for which a special decoration has been devised, where the tiny natural defects in the briar disappear in the play of the smooth and rusticated sides, enhancing the wholesome and grained part.

Zed Pipes

If Le Nuvole pipes in general are the result of a search for balance, the "Zed" series stems from fantasies that, deviating from rationality, lead to shapes that are both playful and free-flowing. Each Zed pipe is stamped with its serial number and has a special guarantee which bears the serial number, date of purchase and price.

Special Pipes

For special events and important occasions I use to realize limited edition series. 
Since 2000 to 2013, I realize a numbered Christmas Dozen . The shape sketch has always been designed by Stefania and each pipe mounted a silver band with an hand made engraving : : Natale... (plus the corresponding year)
These are the last tree Cristmas shapes:

Special Pipes Pipes 2010 Special Pipes Pipes 2011 Special Pipes Pipes 2013

Smoking pipes nick-name

Some of our most popular shapes remind us of familiar objects, and so we gave these pipes nick-names to identify them. That way, it makes it easier for customers to order one of our more familiar designs that are most closely assocaited with Le Nuvole.

We have had so many requests over the years by customers asking "That pipe you had on your site....it looked like...a trumpet... I would love to get one like that..." So, we decided to document this detail of Le Nuvole. This resulted in our stamping the special names on those unique shapes that people have come to identify more and more as Le Nuvole.

These shapes include the following:
Pignattina (bean pot), Tronchetto (small tree trunk), Anfora (amphora), Bricco (coofeepot), Alveare (beehive), Cornetto (our horn), Orientale (oriental), Tappo (champagne cork), Barilotto (small wine cask), Ceraso (cherrywood), Astronave (starship).

You will find the pipe's nick-name, along with the grading (number of clouds) quality stamped on the shank.

In April 2010 we're added the FALLEN PRICE designed by gregory Pease.

nicknamed pipe briccosoprannome pipa pignattinanicknamed pipe tronchettonicknamed pipe anforanicknamed pipe alvearenicknamed pipe cornettonicknamed pipe orientalenicknamed pipe tapponicknamed pipe barilottonicknamed pipe astronavenicknamed pipe fallen princenicknamed pipe ceraso

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