Pipes, like clouds, unrepeatable and light in weight.


Maurizio Tombari

Briar pipes

The briar I use for my pipes comes from Calabria (south Italy) and Tuscany, and I season it for a long time in my temperature and humidity controlled laboratory. The colours used are transparent and natural. More information about briar pipes

bocchino lavorazione bocchino


Starting June 2012, I have decided to make all of my pipes' mouthpieces using top quality Black Ebonite and Cumberland rods. This choice allows me, thanks to the meticulous manual work involved in the shaping and finishing of each piece, to take care more and more of the pipes' lines and proportions, features which are of paramount importance for both their appearance and a comfortable smoke.
"... very interesting is the sign on the mouthpiece, which conjures up the image of trail or a cloud of smoke: It's the first logo I see that is neither geometrical nor symmetrical." Amici della pipa, Anno XX - n. 4 luglio/agosto 1997"

lavorazione bocchino bocchino
army mount

Le Nuvole spigot and Army-Mount

As in the original system, ‘Le Nuvole’ spigots use a mouthpiece with a conical joint made in silver which lays in the airhole (also conical) of the stem. In the Army Mount model, instead, the joint is obtained directly from one end of the mouthpiece, worked in a conical form by hand.
All the rings are in silver 925/1000 or gold 850/1000.

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