Pipes, like clouds, unrepeatable and light in weight.

Reviews 2002

Buona sera Signori Tombari,
Sono bellissime, bella la radica,splendide le linee, accuratissima la lavorazione degna di un gioielliere, ottima la scelta del cartone ondulato per l'imballo, così raffinato.
Insomma un insieme di IMMAGINE che merita elogi e complimenti.
Ora, dopo il giusto rodaggio Lui assaporerà quella delizia di fumo che aspettava con tanta ansia.
E, date le premesse, penso che Vi siete conquistati per l'eternità un pipatore collezionista accanito.
Continuate così,per il piacere nostro e per la vostra passione tangibile.
Saluti cordialissimi

Livia Serafini Pagani - Zoate di Tribiano , MI, Italy - October 25, 2002

Hello from Canyon Lake California!

My second and third pipe has arrived! They are exactly the same quality as the first one... 100% PERFECT!!!
I am so glad my good friend Marcus told me about you and your wife. I am honored to know you through your artistic pipe-works.
THEY SMOKE SO WELL! (cool, dry, sweet, light, comfortable...)
Talk to you the next time I place an order!

Bryan Auer - Canyon Lake, CA, USA - October 8, 2002

Dear Mr Tombari,

I have received my pipe and it's exactly as I expected: so congratulations for the reliability of the photos of your website, which is probably the best realized in this field. Your delivery system is also the best solution (ordered 21/6 received 24/6) . I have discovered your website surfing on the web and I've been immediatly stroke by your pipes : beauty of the grain, shapes at the same time classsical and original, finishing touch, .... and above all an indescribable soul that emanated from these pipes. I'm proud and honoured to smoke one of your pipe
Thank you

Jean Legrand - Bouillon, Belgium - June 26, 2002


a few minutes ago the bulldog was delivered safely. I've examined it closely and I have only one word for you : WOW !!! This is truely a superb bulldog, obviously one of the most beautiful pieces in my extensive bulldog collection ! Everything is exemplary : cut, drill, stem/shank joint. And what a great colour and grain. Even the inside of the bowl is fabulous : absolutely flawless straight grain briar that feels as smooth as a baby's butt. But what strikes me the most, is the elegant harmony of the shape : naturally flowing lines, perfect proportions.
I just fired it up. I was immediately charmed by the comfortable bit, the excellent balance and the small weight for its volume. The very first puffs had a slightly bitter taste, but then this pipe started to sing : neutral taste (no "dark" overtones), cool and dry smoke, effortless draw. A pleasure to smoke ! In my opinion, when it comes to price/quality ratio, this pipe is unbeatable.
A masterpiece for a price almost everyone can afford.
Maurizio, this is my first Le Nuvole.
You can be sure it won't be my last one.

Erwin Van Hove - Lier, Belgium - June 21, 2002

Yes, it arrived in only 3 days, I was amazed.

It is truly beautiful and I love it. I look forward to owning more. It is so light weight and well balanced it is a pleasure to hold and smoke. It is my new favorite out of the 60 or so I own. I have been a pipe smoker over 30 years and wish I had found your pipes sooner.
Thank your for your wonderful work and great service.

James P. Key - Germantown,TN, USA, May 25, 2002

Buonasera Maurizio e Stefania, come da tua previsione, stamane ho ricevuto la pipa #12 da me ordinata.
Complimenti per la vostra ottima scelta nell'affidare la spedizione dei vostri "gioielli" ad un servizio così affidabile come UPS.
Ed ora veniamo alla pipa: che dire, veramente un prezzo troppo basso per avere il piacere di possedere la perfezione in una pipa. La manifattura è impareggiabile e, anche se non mi considero un esperto, posso affermare che la scelta di ottimi materiali abbinati ad un design davvero originale, fanno di questa pipa un pezzo ineguagliabile per bellezza, stile e qualità.
Le parole per descrivere la mia soddisfazione per l'acquisto non saranno mai abbastanza.
Da oggi anch'io ho la mia nuvola. Ora so che non sarà di certo l'ultima.
Complimenti ancora e a presto.

Daniele Pedretti - S. Giorgio di Piano, BO, Italy, May 17, 2002

Hi Maurizio, I just got #52 in. Wow!!! This is the first pipe I ever put in my mouth and it just feels right! It is superlight, and it is a Beauty !!!!. I did not have a chance to smoke it yet, but I just ordered 2 more pipes. Thank you very much, and have a great week-end!

Markus Marschall - Sacramento, CA, USA, April 19, 2002

Just don't believe it. I ordered my pipe on Monday and recieved it on Thursday. I live in the western U.S. The #4 was simply beautiful. The pipe was as light as a feather. The workmanship was the best I have ever seen. Even the way the pipe stem fit the shank of the pipe was perfect. I have never seen a fit that perfect. On top of all that it smoked absolutely sweet and dry. Overall, this is the best pipe I have ever owned. And I have Dunhills, Mastros, Savinellis, Castellos, and a few more quality pipes. I will be a customer for a long time to come, if this review does not cause the prices on your pipes to increase too much. Yours truly.

Bernard Santucci - Colorado Springs, CO, USA, March 15, 2002

Caro Maurizio,
la nuvola è arrivata.
La sto fumando proprio in questo momento, caricata col mio tabacco preferito, con grande soddisfazione.
Oltre all'ottimo tiraggio e alla bellezza della radica, ho apprezzato molto l'originalità della forma, semplice ma con un tocco di originalità artigiana speciale.
Veramente complimenti!
Un grazie particolare per la tua disponibilità e la tua premura

Paolo Cozzaglio - Milano, Italia, February 27, 2002

I wanted you to know that your pipes make people happy.
They are appreciated because they are so well made.
They are beautiful to the senses and smoking one is almost the feeling that it is part of one's self.
My pipe is a perfect fit for me and I can not say that about many things in life.
I help people feel better as a psychological counselor and you do it by making pipes.
Thank you,

Michael Rothenberg - Huntington Woods, MI,USA, Genuary 8, 2002

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