Pipes, like clouds, unrepeatable and light in weight.

Reviews 1999

Le Nuvole: A small price to pay for perfection in a pipe.

Tom Nitta - Kailua Kona, Hawaii - USA, november 13, 1999

I would like to write to you to tell you how please I am with your pipe. To start, I love the shape and finish. It is easy to hold and sits well in my mouth. Next, I love the way it smokes. The airway is large enough so that I do not have to draw too hard. Also, the pipe broke in very fast. It never gurgles and I am able to smoke each bowl down to the end. I also like the way the stem is cut to allow the air to flow without obstruction. A very nice touch to a very beautiful pipe. I would recommend your pipes to anyone and look forward to buying more in the future! Regards,

W. Kelly Crow - Atlanta, Georgia, USA, november 6, 1999

Got home from a trip and there was my new pipe. It' s beautiful and it smoked great first time. Really do like your workmanship and I' ll be buying more as I can convince my wife to let me spend the money. Thanks again for real treat.

Billy Greer - Georgetown, TX, USA, february 26, 1999

Dear Mr. Tombari, your pipe arrived promptly, well packed and without any problems. The pipe is a beauty and you are to be congratulated. Looking forward to many hours of beautiful smoking. I' ll be back for more pipes.
Thank you

Arnold Ostrow - Los Alamitos, CA, USA, february 17, 1999

Hi, I received the pipes on my birthday. It was very exciting to unwrap them, and even more exciting when I saw them. They are so beautiful I wasn' t sure I wanted to smoke them. But that is what they were made for. Fantastico, they smoke as good as they look. You are an excellent craftsman. Everyone who has seen the pipes has been very impressed.

James R. Kosch - Fredericksbourg, VA, USA, genuary 23, 1999

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