Pipes, like clouds, unrepeatable and light in weight.

Le nuvole di Maurizio Tombari

Maurizio Tombari Maurizio Tombari Maurizio Tombari

A craftsman’s workshop which sells pipes directly on the web

My name is Maurizio Tombari, and I am a pipemaker, who opened a workshop in Pesaro (Central Italy) in 1996, where I created the ‘Le Nuvole’ line.

I have been using the internet since 1998 to propose my creations to an international public. Besides the sales point, the web-site offers each visitor the possibility of a personal, direct contact.

Pipes, like clouds, unrepeatable and light in weight

The entire collection comes from the desire that moved me from the very beginning: to make a pipe completely by myself, with my own hands, following each phase of the work, creating a product controlled down to the last detail and giving it the uniqueness, harmony and lightness of clouds.

The models, conceived by my wife Stefania (a passionate designer), take form from her uncontaminated vision, from my urge to produce a precious craft piece and from the communal research for essential, timeless lines: sometimes inspired by re-visited memories and, however, always orientated towards stylistic innovations.

The long, laborious attention that I love to dedicate to each pipe, compels me to limit the production to no more than 140-160 examples a year.

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